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Bakersfield Retail Systems is Proud

to be a California Reseller

ECR Software


Businesses of all sizes, from mom-and-pops

to large franchise operations, can benefit from PC>Poll polling and programming

software. PC>Poll collects electronic cash

register (ECR) information that you can view,

print and export from your computer for

review. You can also use PC>Poll to maintain

register programs right from your desk

using a keyboard and mouse.


Facial Recognition FR700

Digital Signage

Barcode Printers

Customer Displays

Kitchen Video

Used Equipment

Timestamps &  QuietPrint Enclosures

Time Clocks

Recent News

Come by and see the Focus Demo in our showroom.

Call and make an appointment as we are often installing

POS systems in the area.


Current Events

Bakersfield Retail Systems has been in business in Bakersfield over 25 Years.


Stop by just to browse the showroom and see the latest offerings for Cash Registers, POS Systems, Timeclocks

or just to pick up a case of paper.

Call 1st to be sure we are in the office. as we  are often out installing new systems.

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