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From site analysis to design specifications, installing cable. Bakersfield Retail Systems will install, setup the new equipment at your location.

When your Register, timestamp or system needs a little TLC : Bring it in for cleaning and service or a minor or major repair. If we sold it, we know how it works and can generally repair it in-shop. Call to make an appointment to be sure we are in the office as we are often installing new systems.

Extended Service Agreements

Monday through Friday 830am- 5pm, we offer extended service agreements that for a fee cover year to year service and parts.

Ask for a quote.

After hours emergency service is available for time and a half fees plus parts. Extended Service Agreement Customers receive a discounted charge.



Programming Services for POS Systems and Cash Registers are available for initial programs and latter changes for a fee per hour basis.


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Recent News

Come by and see the Focus Demo in our showroom.

Call and make an appointment as we are often installing

POS systems in the area.


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Bakersfield Retail Systems has been in business in Bakersfield over 25 Years.


Stop by just to browse the showroom and see the latest offerings for Cash Registers, POS Systems, Timeclocks

or just to pick up a case of paper.

Call 1st to be sure we are in the office. as we  are often out installing new systems.

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